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November 16, 2019
Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Beach House
Buying a Beach House

Many retired workers and even some millennials want to live out that glorious beach life fantasy by purchasing a home near the coast. Beach towns offer several luxuries that suburban neighborhoods and urban cities do not have. A beachfront home is an everyday vacation as you have that oceanside breeze, a beautiful view, and the fantastic sound of waves. Who wouldn’t want to spend the rest of their days or at least their summertime off, soaking up the sun? As for parents, a beach house is a perfect way to keep your kids from complaining during vacation time. 

One Blue Nest is a buyer listing website that allows buyer agents to input what beach city a buyer wants to get into. Seller agents can then reach out to prospective buyer's agent with real estate listings. Essentially, the home finds you! This reverse MLS site is the perfect tool to close deals faster because it brings both sellers and buyers together faster. However, if you’re not yet convinced a beach home is a good investment, we’ve attached a list of the top 3 reasons why it may be a good idea. 

Reasons to Buy a Beach Home 

1. The Weather 

As stated above, one of the biggest reasons people want to live by the ocean is due to the beautiful weather, especially on the west coast. For those who despise the cold winters, California beach weather is absolutely perfect because it stays warm and sunny year-round. You’ll never have to shovel snow on your driveway or wait for your car to heat up before leaving the house. Forget bundling up with extra thick layers, the sun’s warm rays are enough to keep your body warm. You’ll get the chance to wear comfortable clothes like tank tops, shorts, and flip-flops, which will keep you feeling free. 

You’ll barely have to turn your heater on, which saves you a significant amount of money! Still, the night gives you a cool breeze that’ll balance the consistently warm weather. 

2. The Health Benefits 

Another great advantage of living by the beach is the positive mental and physical effects it has on your body. Some of which include nutrients from the sun and a decrease of polluted air. The fresh air by the beach helps you breathe and sleep more comfortably, and we all know sleep is vital when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. In this era of continually working, some of us forget to take a moment to rest. Exposure to the sun helps your body create vitamin D, which supports cardiovascular health, lung function, the nervous system, and more. Additionally, there are many physical activities that you can do near the beach, like taking brisk walks or jogs by the pier, surfing the waves, swimming, or snorkeling. Living near the beach promotes an active, healthy lifestyle filled with endless activities that can benefit you and your family in the long run. 

3. Air BnB 

The beach lifestyle is entirely different than those of bustling cities. There is a slow pace that comes with living near the beach, and it always feels like you’re on a permanent vacation. It will never be a dull day in a beach town because there is still something to do by yourself or with your loved ones. This makes for the perfect house to rent to tourists and city residents looking to take a quick mini-vacation. As AirBnB rises to the level of hotels, it’s an easy way to make some additional income that could pay for your next vacation across the globe. 

How to Buy a Beach House 

There are many real estate listing services out there that you can use to purchase beachfront property, but one of the fastest ways you can find a beach home is by using One Blue Nest. Have your agent sign up today! Your just one click away from a new fantasy home!