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November 16, 2019
How to Sell Homes Faster as a New Real Estate Agent
Sell a Home Faster

Are you a new real estate agent ready to dive into the housing market and be a star? Here at One Blue Nest, we understand how exciting it is to meet up with potential client buyers, conducting your first open house, and joining a brokerage. That rush you receive when you close a deal, and all parties are happy, that is the reason why we remain in the industry.  And, the money of course.

As a company that's been in the business for some time, we also understand how frustrating it can be not closing escrow as fast as you'd like or having one escrow after another fall out for whatever reasons. The process can make you second question your techniques or why you fell in love with real estate. To help you avoid those unnecessary questions, we've come up with a few tips on how to sell your homes faster when first entering the business. 

Tips on How To Sell Your Home Faster:

1. Show Personality 

Not everyone has the humor of a stand-up comedian, but being joyful and open can take you a long way. Always greet your clients and other agents with a smile. Don't shy away from asking 

open-ended questions. "How has your day been going? How has the buying (selling) experience been treating you?" Two examples of excellent service. 

If you're in a big state like California and are using a Los Angeles real estate listing service, you encounter tons of people needing your assistance. Remember, each of those individuals matters and can be a bridge that connects you to your next client. Cherish that network. 

2. Use a Buyer Listing Website 

A buyer listing website will help you target specific buyers you know will be willing to purchase the property you are marketing. It eliminates the overwhelming process of having countless prospective buyers who are either indecisive or not fully invested in buying. Again, you always want to remain friends with those who are interested, but trying to convince people to invest or sell a property when they are not committed can increase the time a house stands on the market. Not to mention, increase your stress. 

Skip the long hours of kindly dismissing unqualified buyers and sign up for a reverse MLS site today! 

3. Set the Price Right 

Aside from remaining positive and signing up for a real estate listing service, it is imperative to study the market in your surrounding area. If you have an Orange County real estate listing, then you should be aware of how much houses are selling for in Orange County. 

The industry may tell you to shoot your price high and tailor it down during the negotiation process, but if your price is too high, you may never reach that points. Study the worth of the house along with its neighborhood and price as necessary. The same process is required when helping a client buy a new home. It will be setting the price right and having reasons to back that price that will bring you offers from perfect candidates; to help you sell or buy homes faster. 

To learn more about our real estate listing service and how to sell your home faster, check out our site at One Blue Nest.