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November 12, 2019
How to Find Buyers for Your Real Estate Listing?
Find Home Buyers

These days selling a property has become as easy as baking a cake. How so? Well, just as in baking, there are traditional elements required to produce an exceptional outcome, but you no longer have to follow the same structure or use the same ingredients. If the dessert still stands, it will always be considered a cake just like using a buyer listing service over email marketing will still be regarded as real estate. It’s an easy job when you control the outcome. 

One Blue Nest is a BLS that allows you (the seller or selling agent) to take control of your deals. Now you can find buyers for your listing by reaching out to specific candidates you would like to see in your home. Unlike a multiple listing service, you influence the selling process by actively searching for buyers. It’s a complete opposite structure, but it works! 

How to Use One Blue Nest to Find Buyers: 

1. Sign up Easily log onto the website and sign up as a real estate seller or seller that’s just looking to get rid of your property. It only takes seconds to fill necessary information, and then you’re in! 

2. Search for homebuyers Use filters to search for candidates with detailed profiles that match perfectly with your criteria. The filters help to list only candidates you would consider, eliminating additional time spent on searching through unqualified buyers. 

3. Contact Buyer Agents One Blue Nest gives access to contact agents of potential buyers directly. Agent to agent or seller to agent communication causes easy flowing negotiations as both parties have a full understanding of how the process works. 

4. Close the deal fast. It’s as easy as it seems. You now have the power to find the person you want to take hold of your property instead of waiting around, hoping a useful candidate contacts you. From signing up to speaking with agents, you are in control of the sale you want to make. 

Aside from the four quick steps it takes to find buyers for your real estate listing, there are some essential tips every seller should keep in handy. You can reference these tips before, during, and after closing a deal. It works to quickly get your listing off the table while gaining positive exposure to your brand. 

Tips Every Selling Agent Should Remember : 

1. Create a list We suggest you create a list highlighting all the features of your house. Include how many rooms/bathrooms there are, how large is the front/back yard, if there’s a garage, etc. A list 

describing the house in detail helps you pitch to other agents. It gives a sense of validation as a seller/agent when you are well aware of all that their property has to offer. It also processes a sale quicker as the client can picture themselves living in the house, based on the information provided alone. 

2. Promote on Social Media Utilize social media. If you are trying to boost your business than social media sites like Instagram and Facebook are great platforms to gain popularity and interests. Post about your One Blue Nest sells, so followers who are looking to buy will be encouraged to log onto the site. The more buyers or buying agents sign up, the more options you have to pitch your next house. 

3. Be Honest Honesty is vital when convincing someone to invest in you or your product. Let potential homebuyers know any essential information regarding your house. If someone mentions some concerns, don’t try to make a quick sale and lie. Morally and legally, it can affect you in the long run. It is surprising how many people decide to purchase property regardless of the condition because they trusted the source it came from and also knew ahead of time what they were getting themselves involved in. Honest conversations lead to quick and efficient sales. 

Don’t only be honest with buyers, but be honest with yourself. If you feel someone isn’t the right fit, you shouldn’t feel obligated to sell them your home. Go with your instinct, along with the buyer’s qualifications. One Blue Nest allows you to view precisely what buyers are looking in a home for as well as what they are looking to pay. This process saves so much time on both a buyer and seller’s end. Choosing a candidate who lives up to your expectations will surely decrease negotiation time as you wouldn’t have to fight to convince someone to see the value in the purchase.