One Blue Nest
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The new way to find
a Home Buyer
Evan saw a problem in the way real estate transactions occurred. He noticed that the home search process had not changed over decades and was inefficient in certain marketing cycles. When it’s a buyer’s market, listing agents struggle to identify buyers and must resort to endless open houses and email marketing, which are not always successful. Sites like Zillow allow agents adveritise their properties for sale, but there was not site to adveritise a home buyer. Why not allow buyer's agents advertise their clients and let listing agents approach them.

One Blue Nest brings agents together on a remarkably easy to use platform. Evan’s approach to the website was something like creating an MLS that only lists buyers, so that listing agents who are struggling to make deals can proactively search for a buyer and start negotiating. It is the first non-brokerage specific public website that allows listing agents to search for potential buyers on website. The Reverse MLS website was created!

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